Our Mission

Create innovative high-tech medical instruments and devices in order to improve diagnostic and therapeutic applications in Gastroenterology and to promote patient well-being by implementing the analytical specificity of the healthcare professional.

Our mission is to become the European reference for gastroenterological diagnostics with our equipment and our diagnostics. We also want to create specific solutions for the management of disease and gastrointestinal therapy and organise a rapid system for point-of-care specific for intestinal diseases.

Our technology is aimed at achieving this goal by providing both medical professionals and patients with advanced solutions and complete diagnostic information.

Quality is the basis of the strategy of the group it represents. All company structures are involved at the highest level in the production process of the pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. The company boasts a highly qualified professional cooperation both in its internal company structure as well as territorial, which is constantly updated via technical-scientific training courses.

Living the Innovation in Gastroenterology.