Infrared Spectrometer series 300

01 Overview

IR Force 300 for 13C Urea Breath Test analysis.

02 Product Description

IR Force 300 is an infrared spectrophotometer, which is designed to measure the 13C change in exhaled respiratory CO2 gas by infrared spectroscopy analysis, so that to determine whether patients have infected Helicobacter pylori.

03 Main Characteristics

  1. Compact 10-channel cubic system (5 patients)
  2. Management system through simple and intuitive software
  3. The software manages the number of channels to be used, self check, calibration, start, stop, patient archive, daily work list
  4. No extraordinary maintenance
  5. RS232 output for PC connection
  6. Auto check for voltage evaluation on 12c / 13c
  7. Automatic calibration and without additional costs through exhalation with CO2 at 5% of the operator
  8. Response within 3 minutes
  9. Report with DOB + outcome (positive / negative)
  10. Report in A4 format
  11. Ability to translate software into the required language
  12. Possibility to add 2-digit decimals to the display
  13. Possibility to add decrals to 2-digit software pc
  14. Possibility to display percentage of C02 on PC software
  15. Display possibility of DELTA0 and DELTA30 display
  16. Back filter for CO2 and condensate cleaning
  17. Ability to view DELTA0 and DELTA30 PC software
  18. Does not require dedicated personnel
  19. No limit of daily test execution
  20. Automatic air circuit cleaning with each test
  21. Reading through aluminum bags with flexible cannula + cap (no latex)
  22. Latest generation infrared reading system (NDIR)
  23. Connection to a fixed or portable PC via an RS232 / USB adapter

04 Specifications

Infrared spectrometer in non-dispersive mode (NDIR)

Environment Room temperature: from 5 °C to 40 °C
Altitude: ≤ 2000 meters above sea
Relative humidity (RH): 80%
Feed l00V. – 240V.AC ; 50Hz – 60Hz
Other Strong electromagnetic interference, non-violent vibration, no direct light, stable air circulation and without major changes in the vicinity of the instrument.

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