Infrared Spectrometer Series 600

01 Overview

IR Force 600 is a multi-channel instrument, indispensable in gastroenterology departments for its sustained routines where speed and reliability are fundamental prerequisites.

02 Product Description

IR Force 600 guarantees, whilst maintaining a simplified use and a high quality/price ratio, an improved and efficient diagnostic of the analysis of gastroenterological infections.

IR Force 600 is space saving thanks to its compact structure and innovative 16 analysis channels.

IR Force 600 is a state of the art instrument of great versatility that comes in a new compact and “all-in-o- ne” format. This instrument, in fact, does not require any additional accessories as it has an integrated colour touch screen monitor, IR analysis module and computer.
Due to its reduced size this instrument can be positioned in any part of a studio or laboratory and is configured with a multi-channel reader for 16 workstations that allows a reading in just a few minutes

IR Force 600 has been designed with care and is within the means of every professional. It is equipped with special integrated sensors NDIR for the determination of the isotopic rapport 12C / 13C in breath test samples following the administration of substrate markers 13C.

This instrument is easy to install and does not require maintenance thanks to its internal self-checking system which allows for rapid use by the operator.

IR Force 600 has a high level of accuracy (<0.3 6%0 13C) and optimal steadfastness of execution assisted by an exclusive reading system controlled by a special thermometer that stabilises the temperature maintaining it constant.

IR Force 600 has an automatic internal calibration and does not require the use of cylinders, thus allowing a reading in less than 2 minutes for samples of 120 ml. The software (Windows), is very intuitive and allows constant monitoring by the user of all operations and functionality.

The system is equipped with an automatic recording procedure and registration of patient analysis results.

03 Main Characteristics

  1. 16-channel compact system (8 patients)
  2. Management system with integrated, rotatable and foldable touch screen monitor
  3. Integrated motherboard
  4. 64 Gb ssd memory
  5. USB, Ethernet, VGA, AUX output
  6. Possibility of connection to host
  7. Wi-Fi / Ethernet connection
  8. Wi-Fi keyboard and mouse connection
  9. Built-in micro-printer
  10. Simple and intuitive external software
  11. Management of the instrument even remotely via tablet (optional)
  12. Temperature-controlled reading
  13. Possibility of Editable Report in Word
  14. Word Report Automatically exported With the patient's name and surname + the date the test was performed
  15. Possibility to read patient info from BarCode
  16. Operator access password
  17. Ability to load and display on the display in which position you are about to perform the test
  18. Archive of all the tests carried out that can be consulted via the appropriate button in the software
  19. Compensation of the internal temperature with ambient temperature
  20. Reading phases visible through a dedicated screen
  21. Box dedicated to the real-time view of each phase in the process
  22. 10-inch display
  23. 12 / 13c reading curves visible to the operator during the reading phase
  24. Test grid executed with time 0, time 30, DOB, positive / negative values
  25. Icons of the main functions visible on the tablet and of immediate intuition
  26. Windows software platform 10.1
  27. Remote connection via Team Viewer
  28. Self check visible in the three phases: temperature, voltage, air circuit
  29. No extraordinary maintenance
  30. Auto check for voltage evaluation on 12c / 13c
  31. Automatic calibration and without additional costs through exhalation with CO2 at 5% of the operator
  32. Response in 191 seconds
  33. Report with DOB + outcome (positive / negative)
  34. Report in A4 format
  35. Ability to translate software into the required language
  36. Does not require dedicated personnel
  37. Possibility of translation in the preferred language
  38. No limit of daily test execution
  39. Automatic air circuit cleaning with each test
  40. Reading through aluminum bags with flexible cannula + cap (no latex)
  41. Latest generation infrared reading system (NDIR)
  42. Back filter for CO2 and condensate cleaning and dust filter
  43. Fault signal in the absence of CO2 sufficient to carry out the test
  44. Export of data in Excel format
  45. Preloaded Windows office
  46. Visible reading curve in real time
  47. Storage of calibration curves
  48. Printing of the curves in A4 format with graph and relative dilutions
  49. Calibration dilution up to 13 points
  50. Insertion of patient data before or after the test
  51. Search for patient data
  52. Statistics by gender / date
  53. Operator's manual integrated into the software
  54. Validation or cancellation of executed tests
  55. External b / w laser printer

04 Specifications

Infrared spectrometer in non-dispersive mode (NDIR)

Environment Room temperature from 5 °C 40 °C
Altitude: < 2000 meters above sea level
Relative humidity {RH): < 80%

Dimension, weight and electric characteristics

Height mm 280
Width mm 520
Depth mm 500
Weight kg 20
Feed l00V. – 240V.AC – 50Hz
Absorbition 0,5 A
Gas All gasses are transported in the analyser by means of an integrated pump. An anti-dust filter and a C02 filter impede any type of contamination of the analyser from any type of air from the instrument.

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