Lactotest 102

01 Overview

Lactotest 102 has been developed to provide a rapid and reliable diagnosis of gastric-intestinal disorders through the measuring of a shortage and/or mal-absorption of the composition of carbohydrates.

02 Hydrogen Breath Test Monitor

Particularly efficient in screening for lactose intolerance, the Lactotest 102 also gives a good indication of small intestinal bacterial proliferations and evaluates intestinal transit time. The electrochemical sensor H2, with thermal compensation, supplies a reliable, fast and economic system of measurement.

03 Advantages for the patient

Applications Detection of mal-absorption of carbohydrates
Mal-absorption and/or Lactose intolerance
Intolerance to Fructose/Glucose/Lactulose/ Sorbitol/d-Xylose/Xylitol
Diagnosis of small intestinal bacterial proliferations (SIBO)
Diagnosis of intestine transit time
Non-invasive Sampling through the collection of gas breathed
Software Database integration, report creation, possibility of IT network connection
Calibration Once a week with pre-mixed calibrator gas
Costs The modular construction minimises the costs of production and maintenance

04 Patient Data interface (PDI)

All Lactotests are interactive systems that are interfaced with easy to use MEC software for the database integration, the transfer of results in Hospital Computer Systems (XML, HL7, etc) or simply to save or print the results directly in Microsoft Word.

The PDI software centralises all the patient data obtained from a series of medical tests. The data can then be visualised numerically or graphically. In case of need of assistance, MEC has developed a remote support service accessible via internet for both hardware and software

05 Specifications

Measuring range 0-200 ppm
Accuracy ± 2% fs
Detection principle Electrochemical sensor with thermal compensation
Duration of sensor (and guarantee) Minimum 3 years (guarantee of 1 year)
Resolution of sensor 1 ppm
Heating (warm up) time 30 minutes
Response time 50 seconds

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