Lactotest 202

01 Overview

Lactotest 202 has been developed to provide a rapid and reliable diagnosis of gastric-intestinal disorders through the measurement of a shortage and/or mal-absorption of the composition of carbohydrates.

02 Hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide Breath Test Monitor

Particularly efficient in screening for lactose intolerance, the Lactotest 202 also gives a good indication of small intestinal bacterial proliferations (SIBO) and is indicated for the evaluation of intestinal transit time.

The Lactotest 202 range consists of:

Lactotest 202 “Control” (H2 + CO2)
Lactotest 202 “Xtend” (H2 + CO2 + CH4)

  • The electro-chemical sensor with thermal compensation for H2 analysers is infrared, for CH4 and CO2, and supplies an accurate test of measurement in less than one minute. The Lactotest 202 “Control” can be updated with the detection of CH4;
  • The Lactotest 202 operates with an automatic pump for the test sample and the flow of residual gas, making it immediately available for a successive test.

03 Advantages for the patient

Applications Detection of mal-absorption of carbohydrates
Mal-absorption and/or intolerance to Lactose
Intolerance to Fructose/Glucose/ Lactulose/ Sorbitol/d-Xylose/Xylitol
Diagnosis of small intestinal bacterial proliferations (SIBO)
Diagnosis of intestinal transit time
Non-invasive Sampling through collection of gas breathed
Software Patient data interface (PDI): integration of patient database; upload/download of results in Hospital Computerised Systems (HIS); creation of reports (Microsoft Word, pdf, etc.)
Calibration Once a day with pre-mixed calibration gas
Guarantee 2 years

04 How to choose the right Lactotest 202 for your needs?

Lactotest 202 “Control” Lactotest 202 “Xtend”
Electrochemical Analyser H2 H2 H2
Infrared Analyser CH4 CH4
Infrared Analyser CO2 CO2 CO2
Injection/washing/sampling Manual/automatic/syringe Automatic/automatic/bag

05 Specifications

Measuring range
  • H2: 0-200 ppm
  • CH4: 0-500 ppm
  • CO2 0-10%
Accuracy ± 2% fs
Detection principle
  • H2: electrochemical sensor with thermal compensation
  • CH4 & CO2: infrared analyser
Duration of sensor (and guarantee)
  • H2: minimum 3 years (guarantee of 1 year)
  • CH4 & CO2: 10 years (guarantee of 1 year)
Resolution of sensor
  • H2: 1 ppm
  • CH4: 1 ppm
  • CO2: 0.01%
Heating (warm up) time
  • 202 “Control”: 30 minutes
  • 202 “Xtend”: 60 minutes

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